Evan Hoffman

Personal Trainer and Athlete

About Evan Hoffman

As a personal trainer, Evan Hoffman helps his clients design an ideal physical fitness plan that suits their individual needs. A graduate of the American Academy of Personal Training, Evan Hoffman focuses his efforts on results and does his best to keep clients motivated and encourage their general wellbeing. Evan is currently a personal trainer Boston Sports Club. Previously he worked at the Union Gym & Athletic Club as an associate and personal trainer for about a year beginning in February of 2011. In the role of associate, he provided tours, enrolled members, and kept the facility in ideal shape; as a personal trainer, he taught four group classes each week, two of which focused on abdominal muscles and two of which focused on full-body wellness.
Before working at Union Gym & Athletic Club, Evan Hoffman worked as a personal trainer at Fitness Together as well as a coach with Wellesley Youth Lacrosse. He has a long history in youth sports, and found great success during his high school football career as well as his college lacrosse career.

Learning at the American Academy of Personal Training

Evan Hoffman graduated from the American Academy of Personal Training in August 2013. A professional personal trainer, Evan Hoffman now serves in this role with the Boston Sports Club.

Nationally accredited by the U.S. Department of Education, the American Academy of Personal Training combines theoretical with practical training in an educational format that encompasses multiple learning styles. Academy teachers and administrators strive to balance these styles using the SAVI model, which incorporates the techniques of somatic, auditory, visual, and intellectual learning. As a result, Academy classes encourage students to interact with the training environment, to role play, and to act out what they have learned. This is essential to the success of those with somatic learning styles, who process information by engaging in physical activity.

The Academy also supports auditory learners by promoting discussion and peer teaching, as well as by encouraging memorization through speaking of a concept. For visual learners, the Academy provides students with note-taking suggestions and strategies, while teachers promote intellectual engagement through discussion and critical thinking. These learning styles combine both in-classroom lectures and labs, where students enjoy the opportunity to develop training programs and put their newly acquired knowledge to work.

An Introduction to Lacrosse

Evan Hoffman, a personal trainer at the Boston Sports Club, studied at the American Academy of Personal Training. Evan Hoffman played lacrosse for both Curry College and Wesley College and has coached a Wellesley Youth Lacrosse boys’ team.

Since 1999, the number of youths in America playing lacrosse has more than tripled, making it the fastest-growing sport in the country at the high school level. The sports appeals to many body types and mentalities; it requires speed and agility as well as strength and fearlessness, while borrowing elements from popular team sports such as basketball, hockey, and soccer. Lacrosse features the individual matchups of basketball, the erratic play of hockey, and the persistent sprinting of soccer.

Understanding the four basic positions on the lacrosse field is the easiest way of understanding the game’s rules and dynamics. Attackers are responsible for the bulk of the offensive work, and there are generally three of them. While good footwork and stick handling are important skills to have on offense, teamwork is extremely important, and attackers should also be capable passers, who can create plays for others.

On the other end of the field, defenders are responsible for stifling the opposing team’s offense. Defenders do not need to be as skilled with their sticks, although they do require adept reflexes in order to counter a well-coached offensive team. Defenders are backed by a goalie, who not only must be able to block shots on the goal but coordinate his or her defenders in an effective manner.

Finally, midfielders drift in between the offense and the defense. Midfielders are generally the most athletic players on the field, as they are required to run continuously and to assist transitionally in both defense and offense.

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