Using Social Media Properly

Social media experts have some tips for getting started using social media to expand your job search and to make new connections. LinkedIn. Many times connections that begin on Facebook continue to LinkedIn and can lead to job opportunities down the line. For recent college graduates, is essential to expand your professional circle. Many experts suggests keeping in touch with friends from college who are in the same industry and occasionally looking through their friends list to find potential professional contacts.

Twitter. Facebook is often seen as more of a social rather than professional social media site. Many experts suggests being as active as possible on social media to give yourself the greatest number of possibilities during your job hunt. Twitter is a wonderful resource for staying on top of industry news. LinkedIn is the most used social media site for making job connections. According to many experts, there are many ways enhance your job search by using LinkedIn.

Twitter often recommends other people and companies for you to follow based on your current selections. Depending on the industry that you are interested in, LinkedIn and Facebook have many groups that are dedicated to specific industries or companies. When searching for a job on the site, you will be notified if any of your contacts have contacts that are working for the company that you are interested in.

Evan Miles is an expert when it comes to using social media to connect and stay in touch. By following the leaders in criminal justice and sociology, he has been able to stay up to date with the newest job possibilities and trends, which is why he values social media.

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