By:Alaena Klages

What is Polyester?

Polyester is a polymer in a fiber form.


In the 1920s Wallace Carothers was researching the formation of polymers. He was doing this by the reaction of aliphatic diacids with diols. He was searching for a material that would be a fiber. At his starting point he was using a wide range of dialcohols, diacids, and hydroxy acids. He got many solids out of these combinations but many of them and a low melting points. So they weren't very useful. The reason Carothers wasn't getting the results he wanted was because he was only using aliphatic diacids.

In 1901 the first Glyptal Polyester was formed by heating glycerol and phthalic anhydride together.

About Polyeste

Polyester is man made using a dicarboxylic and a dialcohol.

These are found in acidic salts and waters.

Polyester reactions are both endemic and exothermic.

What Polyester is used For

Polyester was used a lot in the seventies to make clothing. Most commonly disco clothes. Since then it has been used for better things such as plastic bottles. Also used as a polyester film used to make helium balloons. Polyester film is a mixture of mylar and aluminum. It is also in:




~ Nomex


and many more things all around us.

How Polyester is made

Petroleum is in Polyester the acids and alcohols are derived.

1. The acids and alcohol react at high temperatures.

2.Formed into a ribbon.

3.Goes threw a cooling wheel.

4.Hardens then cut into chips.

5.Chips are dried.

6.Chips are put into a hopper reservoirs for melting.

7.The mixture cools second it hits the air.

8. Once cooled it is loosely wound around a cylinder.

9. Then it is stretched until five times its original length.

10. Then finally it is wound up or crimped.

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