"Pump is LIFE"

Someone very special and close to my heart- My previous Runway Coach (Mr.Mann) once said to me "Pumping is life, you are fashion, you are runway, you've got to give face, and sell it!".

Facts About ME!

I absolutely love modeling, whether its print or runway.

I wouldn't say I'm a anti-social person, but I like staying to myself.

I'm a nice person, very outgoing, intelligent and sweet.

So far, I like what I'm seeing here at PALCS!

I couldn't tell you all about ME without including her.

We've been best friends since babies, she's more like that fraternal twin sister that I never had. We do EVERYTHING together she's the only one who tolerates my strange ways...

Last year we were in the same 9th grade class, so starting this school year off without her is kinda hard. I miss her!


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3 years ago

Thanks everyone for checking out my Tackk! I hope you enjoyed.