Promote your event with a Tackk.

Create one event page to share across all of your social networks.

STEP 1: Get started.

Edit and create your event page from this template.

STEP 2: Add your content.

Click anywhere within the event template to edit the different sections. If you want to add a piece of content, hover over the area where you want to add something and click the [+] sign.

Types of content to add:

  • Give details of the event with text and headlines
  • Add links and buttons
  • Show pictures/video of the venue or past events
  • Add an interactive Google map with the event address
  • Set up the money widget to collect payment if needed
  • Add the RSVP widget
  • Make it easy for attendees to add the event to their calendar with Add this event

Add a RSVP widget to collect responses

Step 3: Customize.

Once you have added your content, customize colors, fonts and patterns in the editor. Create a custom URL, upload a photo background, add tags and more.

Step 4: Finish and share.

Now that your Tackk looks great, it's time to share the heck out of it.

  • Click the green PUBLISH button to make it live.
  • Click the last tab in the editor to share with your social networks in one click.
  • Email or embed completed Tackks, too!.

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