Book Report

Title and Author

Every Day by David Levithan. David Levithan' s first book was Boy Meets Boy. He is the author of The Lover's Dictionary, Two Boys Kissing, and more.


A- Main Character and the boy that switches bodies- A shows perseverance and hope for being with Rhiannon no matter what the problem. For example A might be 4 hours away from Rhiannon and he will still find a way to be with her.

Rhiannon- The girl that A is in love with- She shows loyalty because she is loyal to A and at the beginning she is very loyal to her boyfriend.

Justin- Rhiannon's boyfriend- He doesn't really have any character because he does lots of bad things such as drugs and smokes cigarettes.


It probably was only a few years ago. I know it was in America because of the place description in which it describes the cleanliness outside. It also takes place somewhere where there is a beach. It does not give great description of the beach though.

Brief Summary

A falls in love with a girl named Rhiannon. He can't be with her though because he switches bodies everyday.

When someone thinks he's been possessed by a demon. Even though he was only possessed by A. A tries to find Rhiannon every day no matter what the distance.

He finds out there are more people like him.

He sets up Rhiannon with  a boy that would be a lot like him.

A goes out to find the people that are like him. He sets out to find how he can be in the same body. Because then he can be with Rhiannon forever. For now the problem is resolved.

Author's Purpose

The purpose is that you should love somebody for who they are inside. It doesn't matter what they look like on the outside. All that matters is what's in the inside.

This picture is a visual reference on how A changes bodies.

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