Every Traveler’s Dream: Switzerland

Considered one of the best holiday destinations in the world, Switzerland is the kind of place which fills your soul with its beauty. This mountainous Central European country is home to a number of lakes, villages, cities and the highest peaks on the Alps. From the industrial point of view, this country excels in finance and banking. But the most appealing part of the Switzerland Tour Packages is the Swiss Chocolate and the adventurous hiking trails. Despite all this, Switzerland has a lot more to explore than just this.

A list of some of the best tourist attractions are as follows.

1.Chateau de Chillon, Montreux:

This picturesque town is located in the heart of the Swiss Riviera located on the shores of the Lake Geneva. There are various places to visit over which spread the typical Swiss vibes and reflect its traditional feel. The main attraction of this place is the Chillon Castle which is standing there since the 11th century. One can explore the rooms, tower, dungeons and courtyards of this castle. At the end of a tiring day, a walk by the lakeside is as good as therapy. It is also the most frequently visited monument in the entire country.

2. Fasnacht Spring Carnival, Basel:

Basel cannot be missed out on the Switzerland Packages Tour which is the second-largest city of the country. It hosts the Fasnacht Spring Carnival which is popular all over the world. This three-day carnival has participants dressed in colorful costumes and bright masks while parading on the streets. This parade begins on the Monday after the Ash Wednesday. During this phase, bars and cafes are open throughout the night.

3. Geneva:

Except for being the third largest city of Switzerland, as the name suggests, it is located on the banks of the beautiful Lake Geneva. This picture perfect city is famous all over the world for its chocolate, watches and banks. It is an ideal amalgamation of the rich cultural heritage of this place and also a hub of international cooperation. Geneva has the world’s tallest fountain which is its main attraction. Along with it, it also has unique arts, enchanting museums and great restaurants.

4. St. Moritz:

This place is one of the most expensive places in the country which is already considered to be pricey. St. Moritz is a winter resorts which offers numerous activities to choose from. One can indulge in skiing and other such winter and summer sports, along with mud or mineral baths and mud therapies as well. This place is also known for its fancy and attractive nightlife.

Author’s Note: The author of this article, alap, looks forward to experiencing the magic of Switzerland soon. Each and every place of this country is appealing to her.