Florida Bar Licensed Attorney Evie Greenstone

Everyone chooses a career path to follow as an adult and  Evie Greenstone decided to pursue her career in law. There are many famous  lawyers who have made history in America. Of the United States’ founding fathers,  thirty-five were lawyers or had legal training. Lawyers have always had a huge  impact on society and that means Evie Greenstone herself has the capability of  making great change.

  Like all students driven to go into law, Evie Greenstone  had to first attend law school. She performed remarkably well as a student and  put tremendous focus into her studies. As a result of her dedication to  education and drive to achieve success, Evie Greenstone was inducted into the  National Dean’s List. For Evie Greenstone, becoming a member of the National  Dean’s List was an honor and inspired her to continue to achieve success.

  After Evie Greenstone completed  her legal studies, she passed the Florida Bar and became a Florida State Bar  licensed attorney. As a new lawyer, Evie Greenstone served Broward County as an  Assistant State Attorney for three years prosecuting crimes under Michael J.  Satz. After leaving the Office of the State Attorney, Ms. Greenstone moved  to civil litigation, handling matters involving property damage claims and  consumer collections claims. Ms. Greenstone joined Kaye Bender Rembaum in  November, 2011, where she focuses on community association litigation and  covenant enforcement.

  Evie Greenstone is a member of the Florida Bar Young  Lawyers Division who looks forward to a long and successful career in law.

Evie Greenstone Volunteers to Help Children

Children are the future. It is something we hear time and again. Evie Greenstone understands how significant that is. Evie Greenstone has dedicated herself to many things, but two of the most important parts of her life are her profession as a lawyer and her time assisting children in need.

Evie Greenstone is a licensed attorney in Florida. As a young professional, she is a member of the Young Lawyers Division of Florida Bar. As a young professional, she also has a lot of energy to spend on what is important to her. When she isn’t working in the courtroom, she is volunteering her time to help children. Kids in Distress is a nonprofit organization in Broward County, and Evie Greenstone not only donates to the program, but she is also a volunteer for KID.

Kids in Distress helps children in Broward County who have been abused and neglected or who are at risk of becoming abused and neglected. This is important to Evie Greenstone because not only are these children the victims of their environments, but they are at a greater risk of becoming future criminals. Evie Greenstone sees the Kids in Distress organization as a way to help both current and future child victims. Her hope, like many others, is that she can help families adequately and appropriately cope with their struggles.

Evie Greenstone hopes more people will reach out to support programs like Kids in Distress in their own communities. Even though Kids in Distress is specific to Broward County, there are other children’s shelters and foster programs that need community support. Evie Greenstone asks people to help out any way they can. If you can, send these important programs a gift of money, volunteer your time, or donate one of the physical items the organization needs to continue to provide help and support.

Helping the Community is Always Important to Evie Greenstone

There are many ways people can help the communities around them. There is an endless number of programs and organizations to which people can donate, volunteer, or join. Evie Greenstone got involved in one very special organization in Broward County. Evie Greenstone is a member and volunteer for the organization Kids in Distress.

Kids in Distress helps children who are victims of abuse and neglect. In some cases, the children are placed in shelters or foster homes. Evie Greenstone has seen how hard life for these children has been and knows the work she does for the nonprofit organization is valued and appreciated. Evie Greenstone hopes more people will support the organization and participate in the therapy and counseling programs so that children can live safely and comfortably within their homes.

Evie Greenstone also helps her community through her work as an attorney. Evie Greenstone worked as an Assistant State Attorney in Broward County, prosecuting crimes under Michael J. Satz. Prosecuting crimes to prevent or dissuade others from breaking the law is important to Evie Greenstone. When the law is broken, justice has to be served, but the goal as a society is to prevent crime in the first place.

Evie Greenstone enjoys her job, and she feels good about doing volunteer work. Her hope is that others will volunteer to help their communities too. Volunteering is beneficial for strengthening community relations, which is what Evie Greenstone appreciates about volunteering for Kids in Distress.

Evie Greenstone Joined Litigation Department

Evie Greenstone is a young professional in the state of Florida. Evie Greenstone graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, CT in 2004, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Legal Studies minor. At Trinity College, she was recognized as a distinguished scholar having been inducted into Pi Gamma Mu (the International Honor Society for Social Sciences) and Psi Chi (the National Honor Society for Psychology). She was also a member of the National Dean’s List. Ms. Greenstone continued her education at Stetson University College of Law, where she received her Juris Doctorate in 2007. Thereafter, Ms. Greenstone became an Assistant State Attorney for the 17th Judicial Circuit, in and for Broward County, as a prosecutor in the misdemeanor and felony trial units, trying numerous jury trials and countless non-jury trials. After leaving the Office of the State Attorney, Ms. Greenstone moved to civil litigation, handling matters involving property damage claims and consumer collections claims. Ms. Greenstone joined Kaye Bender Rembaum in November, 2011, where she focuses on community association litigation and covenant enforcement. Evie Greenstone is currently an active member of the Broward County Young Lawyers Division of the Florida Bar.

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