Family Monthly Budget Project

Crossroads Accelerate Academy @ Meade
Computer Science Class
Created on - June 10, 2014
By: Joyce Lin

A Short Summary

For our end of the year project at Crossroads we did a family monthly project in computer class. Mr. Scribner wants us to know how life is as an adult. Having to pay the rent, put some money into saving, having insurance, and monthly shopping. That would total out to be a lot of money. Not counting the water and gas bill and clothings. From this project I learned that people should be more aware of how much money they are spending. If they don't have a plan of how much money to spend in one day, they would end up broke before their pay day.

When I grow up I wanted to be a fashion designer as of right now. Maybe my plans would change. But for this project we have to pretend that we graduate from college and just got accepted to your first job. Having to buy all your furniture would cost you a huge amount of money. But in this project you just get your graduation money and you have to take your own bus to get to your new apartment.Which by the way can't be in Philly. You have to find an apartment and a job around Philly. Inviting families out to dinner would also cost you money! With a capital M. But over all I really enjoy this project! Buying my own things and shop for what I want without using real money.

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