Carlos Ponce       Gabriel Avila

The White Flower

Red: Is Happiness        Light Blue: Is Freedom     Dark Blue: Is Trust   

White Flower: Is Peace       Nine Stripes: Is Wisdom and Good Leadership


Constitution of

The White Flower

Article I

The name of this fair country will be proclaimed the White Flower. As a reminder of our purity and peace.

Article II

The noble purpose of this nation is to avoid persecution and oppression of Neu Preußen and its remnants and to strive to rebuild our country to a nation of success and prosperity. The White Flower will drive for the basic birth rights of all men and women, no matter what age,race,sexuality,faith etc. and to project our vision to other countries in turmoil.

Article III

The requirements to be a citizen to our nation is very little, as long as you show promise to be a productive member of our state, that is all you need to be in order to be a citizen of our state.

Article lV

The leader of our fair country is Dr. Liam Williams. He was selected by the people who formed part of the white flower.The White Flower is ruled under a democratic government, in which the people select who governs them, and if they do not like the president, they can impeach him, and replace him.

Article V

The Responsibilities of the Government is to protect the basic human rights of the people and make sure they are content and healthy, and to crackdown on any fascist movements. Each citizen is required to be a productive member of society, even the children and the weak.

Article VI

  1. Freedom of speech.
  2. Freedom of religion.
  3. Curfew of 12:00 am.
  4. No Slavery.
  5. Democratic Elections.
  6. No unofficial searching.
  7. Freedom of Protest.
  8. Freedom of media.

Article VII

Our constitution offers schools/education for all children of race and color. In order for students to attend our schools, they must sing The White Flower Anthem. Universities and colleges will be offered to adults who would like to study at their old ages. If children don’t want to attend school, they will be imprisoned and forced to study.

Article VIII

The Red means Happiness, Light Blue means Freedom, Dark Blue means Trust, The White Flower means Peace, and The Nine Stripes mean Wisdom and Good Leadership. Article IX

Our figurehead is Dr. Liam Williams. He is our leader because he loves The White Flower, and has showed interest in keeping this country alive!

Figure Head


Origin Story

Liam Williams was born in October 14, 2025. He was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. As a child he was thought that The White Flower country was the best country to live in. As a child he had always dreamed about being the leader of The White Flower. When he became a teen, the Neu Germania, took his father into the “Wiesbaden” which was a place where they would torture people who disagreed with their constitution. They tortured him so badly, his dad died a few days later after coming back. His family was devastated and wanted the Neu Germania to pay for what they had done. His hate and anger for the Neu Germania grew as the years passed by. One day in a hot summer, the leader of The White Flower was going to have a speech in the center of the country. Everyone in the country headed there to see/hear the speech. While everyone was there, the leader was in a car, and the driver belonged to the Neu Germania country. He was paid to crash the car so that the leader died in a “car accident”. The news of the “crash” came to everyone in the whole country, and they were devastated, sad, and mostly scared that the Neu Germania would take over. After several weeks, the people of The White Flower decided to make an election, and Liam Williams decided to take a shot. There were about 5 people running to be leaders, and 3 of them were men. After the elections, he was elected by over 75% of the people because they new that he would make the rules a little different and would benefit everyone since the Neu Germania killed his father.He was very happy and determined to make The White Flower a bigger, stronger, and Anti-Neu Germania country. Now that he was the leader, he looked out for everyone in The White Flower and has success doing it.


Our God, our God, we bow to thee, Our spirits most fervent we place in Thy care.

                                         With God I shall fight for home and for hearth,                           

For The White Flower, the beloved native soil.

When your chest was field of battle!

Souls and bodies we’ll lay down, all for our freedom

And we’ll show that we,brothers,are the seeds of a new nation!

Look At it, tricolored A valuable symbol for us.

Our Fatherland, free, independent, That has for centuries lived,

Is now summoning its sons to the free, independent White Flower
Let us join in a cohort, we are ready to die.

Ministry of Love

In The White Flower country we have a place known as the “Pollinator”. In order for us to take someone into the Pollinator, they must be a White Flower Seed, betraying their own country, or a Germanian! We will teach them a lesson in there, WITHOUT TORTURE! We will make that person who would like to become/is a Germanian think twice about their decision. We know all of the people in our country and their fears! We will bring that fear to them, and make them face it. After that, they must sing The White Flowers’ Anthem and praising it! The time they will spend in the Pollinator would be at least 2 months for the Seeds and for the Germanians will spend about 4 years in there. Once again, NO TORTURE will be tolerated to the seeds! The Pollinator is just a place to make the people think twice about being a Seed, or a Germanian. You should not be taken into the Pollinator if you are 100% Seed! Support! Praise! Love the White Flower! No need for you to go into the Pollinator, but when you think about becoming a Germanian, The doors will be wide open into the Pollinator. People are NEVER tortured in the Pollinator, we just make them think twice! Love The White Flower!

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