Edgar Allan Poe's
Writing and Career

By Harrison Gates

Edgar Allan Poe is most famous for writing very gruesome books and poems. The first book he wrote was Tamerlane and Other Poems when he was eighteen.

Edgar Allan Poe struggled as a full time writer and very harsh literary critic. One of his editors called him the "Tomahawk Man."  Even though he was never successful later on, he barely made a living when he was younger either. He wrote very extreme, creepy stories. He also created detective fiction, which is a investigation, mainly by a detective.

Poe finally became famous when he released The Raven. The poem where the raven goes, "Nevermore." His career was very up and down before that.

He wrote horror, fiction, poems, and mystery. He used first person some of the times.

Because Poe was such a revolutionary writer, He was inducted into New York's Hall of Fame. Started in 1900, the Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring great Americans who have made a significant contribution to politics, art, literature, science, medicine and education.

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