LC Construction

By:Madyson Glenn

Why we need to add on to our school.

We need to because we need to add on to our school Lewis and Clark so we can make more room for more kids. And so we can get more kids a education in school so they can have a better life and look back what they did in school.So I am happy that we can get to be a school to have a add on to our school and that we can make the world a happier place with things to look back on.  

What I am Happy about with the constriction.

I happy about this because we 1st we get she how people build school and that is awesome how they do it.And 2nd we get to see the growth of our school and how it has change a lot.And I can't wait tell next year because then after middle school I can come back and be a helper in a class and see the school and how the growth because schools are always are going to grow and add more kids in and I am happy about that.    

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