By: Grace M.

Physical geography

     Turkey has a lot of rivers and Mountains. Some major rivers are The Caspian Sea basin, the Aras and Kura. Turkey forms a natural bridge between old world continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. Some countries close to it are Bulgaria, Greece, and Syria.

Culture & Language

     Turkey has a very interesting culture.About 90% of the people are of Turkish origin. About 7% are Kurds (A member of mainly pastoral Islamic people living in Kurdistan)  While the rest are Arabs, Circassians, Greeks, Georgians, and Armenians.  Of course, the official langue is Turkish.  In population there are nearly 74.93 million people there.

Turkey Government

     Turkey is a democratic republic place. The president is Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan.

Timeline of important events

Turkey National Anthem

This is the Turkey National Anthem in English:

Fear not, the crimson flag, waving in these dawns will never fade
Before the last hearth that is burning in my nation vanishes.
That is my nation's star, it will shine;
That is mine, it belongs solely to my nation.

Oh coy crescent do not frown for I am ready to sacrifice myself for you!
Please smile upon my heroic nation, why that anger, why that rage?
If you frown, our blood shed for you will not be worthy.

Freedom is the right of my nation who worships God and seeks what is right.

Found at: http://www.allaboutturkey.com/anthem.htm

Turkeys National Animal: Wolf