Have you ever been a bully or is a bully?Yehuda Bauer,holocaust historian once said,"Thou shalt not be a victim.Thou shalt not be an oppressor.But most of all,Thou shalt not be a bystander."Don't be a bystander and stop bullying.It relates because the Nazi's were bullying the Jews.

An example of bullying

First,in the film "Life is Beautiful."Their are many examples of bullying in "Life Is Beautiful."The description of the film is the Dad&Son got caught by the Nazi's and the mom wanted to go so in the end the mom&dad died but the son was alive.My example is the dad kept on telling lies to his son by saying that the camp is a surprise trip for him because it's his birthday and the dad said that the camp is a place for the son to play games by hiding from the Nazi's.But in the end the son was looking for his parents.It relates because nobody stood up for each other because they did not want to die.

Next,in the book "Journey To Topaz."Their are many ways to show being a bully in this story.The Americans took yuki&her family to a camp.It supports because yuki's dad got taken by the Americans because they thought all Japanese are the same.Relates because the Americans were thinking the Japanese had another plan to attack the americans

Finally,in the poem "First They Came For The Communists."Their are examples in this poem of why you shouldn't be a bystander."When they came for me,their was no one left to speak out for me."Supports because the people who were bystanders did no speak out because they don't want to be killed by the bully or they don't want to get bullied.Relates because the people who were bystanders should have helped each other instead of letting the people get beat up or killed.

Don't become a bystander and stop bullying.It relates because the Nazi's were bullying the Jews they found or caught.The world has bully's,and we must stop it because many people have died of the people who bullied them.Think of all the Jews that died

Stand up for rights!!Stop fights!!

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