Jamaica Geography


Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea (or in Central America) and about 383 km from Cuba. It is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and is not to far above the equator making it very warm there. Its location makes it a big tourist attraction for its beaches and tropical environment. You can grow crops there like sugar cane, and bananas.

Relief Map of Jamaica


Jamaica Landscape

Jamaica's landscape is full of mountains, palm trees, vegetation, and of course water. From every point in Jamaica you'll see mountains the entire island is basically a mountain range, the tallest mountain being blue mountain (which is  7,402 feet tall) the island was formed by volcano's about 75-100 million years ago. The ground is covered by vegetation but a lot of it has been used for cultivation and for the cities to grow. There are some rivers but most are very small. In total Jamaica has three regions, eastern mountains, central valleys + plateaus, and the coastal plains.


There are 2 different types of climates in Jamaica, the first being tropical which is more upland, and the second being the semiarid leeward side of of the mountain (a.k.a. the side that gets the most wind).


Jamaica is on what people call the Atlantic hurricane belt which causes there to be some deadly storms which can hit Jamaican and cause damage to buildings, and crops. It causes storms such as hurricane Allen and Charlie. Overall the temperature doesn't change too much over the year with the summer average being 89 degrees. The average rainfall for the year is 77.2 inches per year.