How Virtual Reality Is Turning Into Reality With Samsung Gear VR

Can you imagine bubbles floating in front of your eyes with cool information about everything you see around you? Of course you have seen things like that in sci-fi movies but this is no movie and it is expected that someday it is going to be as commonplace as browsing the web on your PC. AR or Augmented Reality is the emerging technology that is capable of superimposing computer generated images on the real world around you and in order to do that you will require nothing more than special video glasses or a cell phone camera.

Products like Samsung gear VR headset have already hit the markets which are powered by virtual reality technology from Oculus VR. Oculus VR is a Facebook subsidiary company and the Gear headset or head mounted display comes with an adjustable focus binocular along with a few simple controls like volume control, touch panel and also a ‘go back’ button. All these controls are placed in the right temple allowing you to completely control them without using a peripheral. The interface is made of rectangular and square panels resembling Microsoft’s Modern User Interface style that makes all text large and easy to read. Users can easily flip through the UI pages by simply swiping the touch panel that makes navigation feel natural and easily understandable. The gear also sports adjustable straps and soft padding so that it comfortably fits on your head and the user hardly feels the weight.

With its really impressive effect the Samsung gear VR has the potential to revolutionize the way of interacting with the virtual world. The gear uses Oculus rift DK2 and requires no cord for connecting with a PC and that gives you the freedom of exploring 360 degree environment without the fear of getting tangled in the cable. But there is something about the gear that we must mention here and that is lack of positional tracking ability. That means after wearing the headset even if you physically move around – your virtual self will still stay stationary and that can be disorienting for many users as vertical or horizontal movement of head will not change the perspective as expected by the brain.

Sony has also entered the world of virtual reality with its Project Morpheus prototype that is fully compatible with Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. But the gadget is still a prototype and the company is yet to confirm its date of release. This Sony prototype which was first revealed at GDC’15 will be sporting an OLED 1920 x 1080 display along with RGB subpixel matrix and this will be capable of displaying content at the rate of 120 frames per second. The headset revealed at GDC’15 looked sleek and attractive but as per the manufacturers the final product can be quite different from the prototype. Compared to 110 degree field of vision of the Oculus rift Morpheus’s field of vision is only 90 degree but that is hardly noticeable. More information on these products and development of this technology is now available online and you can visit anytime for learning more about them.

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