Maria Björnson

The set designer for "Phantom of the Opera"

Maria Björnson was born in Paris on 16th of February 1949. She had a Romanian mother and a Norwegian father. Her family moved to London in 1950 so Maria's mother could work as a office cleaner before she was offered a position in the BBC Romanian Service. Maria studied at a Catholic convent and a French school, both schools were in London. She continued her studies at Glen Byam Shaw School and then attended Central School of Art Design. Maria pursued her career as a scenic designer at the Citizens Theatre located in Glasgow. She designed many sets for different shows such as The Three Sisters, Puss in Boots and several others but is better known for Phantom of the Opera. The Tempest, which was one of the projects Maria had worked on, had caught the attention of a producer, Cameron Mackintosh, who had then offered Maria her first commerical production.

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