Tanner Widstrom S&E Marketing Final

What do you think are the most important things for artists to remember if they are going to try to build their musical careers without the help of a label, even an independent one?

I think an important thing to keep in mind is that big labels want money. Anyone who signs with them is just a money maker. They will take mostly all the money you have. They are going to screw you over. There is nothing you can do about it. But you need to realize if you sign with a big label your most likely going to get screwed over. Now with an independent label you have a better chance of not getting screwed over but there is still always a risk of it. If you had the option to choose between a big label and a independent label I personally would choose an independent label. But that's just my opinion. But your best bet would be to keep in mind that it is going to be hard but doing it on your own will give you the most profit. All in all.

News Story For A TV Show


A meth cook was arrested wearing a shirt that said "Los Pollos" which is a main restaurant in the popular TV show Breaking Bad.

"Clearly the man's interest in the AMC show extended beyond mere entertainment, and Kowalski even wore a Breaking Bad t-shirt as he posed for a police mug shot."

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