crane myths

Tsuru no Ongaeshi: Once there was an old couple who lived outside of a village. one day, the old man had found a crane stuck in an animal trap. feeling sorry, the old man let the crane go. later that day a young girl arrives at the couples home and asks if she can stay for the night. the couple except and as the days pass they take her in as their daughter. during these days the old couple were very poor, so, the girl decides to make a dress to sell in the village, but on one condition that the old couple do not look inside the room as she sows. As the first dress is sold, the daughter agrees to make another one and then another one after that. by this time the old couple become wealthy and begin to wonder what the girls secret was for such a fine dress. one day the couple look into the daughters room while she is making another dress. once inside, they see that instead of a girl in the room, there is a crane making the dress with her own feathers. once the cranes true identity is discovered, the abandons the old couple.

the race between crane and hummingbird: crane and hummingbird were in love with the same woman. the woman had preferred hummingbird but crane was so persistent that, in order to get rid of him, she had the two race. they were to fly all the way around the world and whoever won would marry her. so when the race started hummingbird flew out of sight in minutes, as crane fell slowly behind. as the day went on hummingbird became tired and slept for the night. but, as hummingbird was sleeping, crane flew all night finished the race before hummingbird. the woman declared that she would never marry an ugly fellow like crane and decided to remain single.

crane facts

Physical Characteristics: sandhill cranes have grayish feathers and a red patch on their heads. a sandhill crane averages at 3-4 feet tall and usually has a 6 foot wingspan.

Familia: sandhill cranes will mate for life and will mate until at least one of the cranes dies. when the cranes fly north to mate they build a nest and lay two eggs. about a month after they are lain, the eggs hatch and the chicks stay with their parents until they migrate south for the winter.   

I think our trip to Rowe sanctuary gave us insight and a hands on experience with the cranes during their migration through Nebraska and learning how vital the Platte River is to the sandhill cranes.

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