National Frozen Pizza Institute

By: Jake Cardinal, Yezon Al-Hamwy, Philip Buerk,
Jacob  Bores

The National Frozen Pizza Institute is a national trade institute that advocates on behalf of frozen pizza. This is a MULTI-ISSUE INTEREST GROUP that focuses on nutrition, food safety, and the environment. Members include makers of frozen pizza and pizza products along with the ingredients.

Members of this INTEREST GROUP enjoy some SELECTED BENEFITS such as discounted registration rates at the NFPI annual conference held in Las Vegas. They also have some other SOLITARY BENEFITS such as the opportunity to meet with lawmakers in DC each fall. Their final benefit is expert technical analysis to help companies follow the regulations.


The NFPI is in favor of many various nutritional issues including those that provide under privileged schools, families, and students with affordable and healthy food choices.  For example, the NFPI supports the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which helps families put food on their tables.

Food Safety

Food safety is the highest priority for frozen pizza companies and manufacturers.  The NFPI works with many various officials and organizations to ensure frozen pizza is safe and discuss other critical food safety issues. The NFPI, for example, was the leading supporter of the Food Safety Modernization Act which was later passed.

Why Should You Join?

The NFPI is a growing organization which promotes the frozen pizza industry and surrounding issues.  From the words of the director in which we were involved in a DIRECT CONTACT with, via phone call: the organization has 500 members with about 30 sponsorships and PATRONS from many different companies, manufacturers, warehouses, and other large groups.  If you are a pizza lover and support food safety, nutrition, and other environmental causes, this is the group for you. Everyone works to benefit the community as a whole and there is no FREE-RIDER PROBLEMS. We all work as one big unit to accomplish our goal and there are no CLEAVAGES in the organization.

Political Influence

The NFPI impose new work place rules. Within their most recently lobbying issues is Food industry, taxes, and telecommunications. They have many different LOBBYISTS that represent the group on these issues.  On such issues they have spent up to $200,000. We try to branch out to both forms of lobbying but OUTSIDE LOBBYING is our main focus as a group.

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