GCSE Business studies

What is a Business?

A Business is like an organisation where you sell and buy goods.purchases

What is a customer?

A customer is a individual that buys products from wholesaler like a box of food.

What is a supplier?

Someone whose business is to supply a particular service or product.

What is a consumer?

a person who obtain goods and services for personal use.

Chapter 2

What is Market research?

Its when  gathering information about consumers' needs and preference.

what is a primary research?

Primary research is any type of research that you go out and collect yourself. For example  surveys, interviews, observations and so on.

what is secondary research?

involves the synthesis of existing research like news paper and company reports.

chapter 3

Market Mapping

A study of various market condition that is plotted on a map to identify trends and corresponding variables between consumers and products. Market mapping can help companies locate problem areas and figure out the source of problems by examing related variables.

what is a market segment?

Market segmentation is the technique used to enable a business to better target it products at the right customers.

name expensive shops?

Armani,JD, Tigger, Jacomo.

name cheep shops

Primark,shoe zone and best seller, 99 p shop.




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