Cardboard Chair
By Aimee Grimm

Entry #1 Choosing My Project

I chose the cardboard chair project.

I chose this because I like to make small, little things and tinker around.I think that it would be fun to make my own chair out of cardboard.

I look forward to learning about structural design and learning how to find a good center of gravity and discovering new things.

I may or may not like to make a career out of this. It depends how much I enjoy this project.

Entry #2 Planning,
Intro Research

Build a base of the seat first and then connect the back to it. Then I will get some straight edges from the cardboard and attach them to the bottom in a line but still leaving a gap in between them. Hopefully by then the chair will be able to hold me, or a classmate.First I will draw this plan out on a piece of grid paper and make it to scale.

Entry #3
Furthering My Research


Entry #4
Questions answered

Today I wasn't at school, but I still found out some new ways to build the chair. The backrest might also need to be sturdier than I thought. I will also start drawing out my plan.

Entry #5
Drawing out and Starting

Today, I will finish up my drawing and hopefully get to start building. I will first make a stool out of it and then I will attempt to make a backrest that connects.

Entry #6

Today I built/cut the underside support of my chair. I glued the support beams together. The chair is going good so far, I haven't found any problems.

Entry #7

Today I will continue to build my chair and hope to start building the back of the chair. The chair design is like a stool but i will add a backrest. I need to plan it out very carefully because even the slightest problem could result in complete failure.

Entry #8
Technical Stuff, Part 1

I will need to finish up my design and try to finish building. I will try to sit on my chair for a long period of time and see how long it can hold me. I built extra support for the base so that the box doesn't collapse.

Entry #9
Technical Stuff ,Part 2

Yesterday, I did not get to sit in it for a long time, so I will try to do that today. I will also try to glue the extra support onto the sides to make sure it doesn't cave in.

I now am done with building for today and all I did was get to glue on the support. The chair seems to still be functional and will soon be done. The chair is coming along and i will put some pictures in soon. The chair used to fold and bend under pressure and hopefully with the extra support beams the chair will stop doing that.

Entry #10

Today, I will actually, finally test the chair and see what works. My support is finished drawing and it's working well. So, its the end of class and I sat in my chair for 5 minutes and it didn't break.

Entry #11

Today, I will be trying to glue everything together and trying to finish building. Yesterday, I noticed that the backrest wasn't very sturdy so I will also try to build that better. I added more pieces of cardboard to the back of it and the inside.

Entry 12

Today I will try to finish my chair and try to test it out. If I notice any major problems and try to fix those, but I will be careful to not mess it up too much. Today I will try to add pictures of the almost complete project!

Entry #13

Today I will finish gluing my backrest and hopefully start to glue everything together.The bottom of the stool part of the chair was folding under pressure and that should be fixed because I glued an extra piece of cardboard to it and now it shouldn't fold.

The extra cardboard is now glued and drying. I also glued the back of the chair so that it won't break when I lean back in the chair.

Entry #14

Today, when I get my chair I will try to find any problems.

I found that the one side was shorter than the other, so I needed to add an extra piece of cardboard to the bottom of the chair. The cardboard piece is gluing now.

Entry #15

Today, we didn't have much time to work, so instead of building it and testing, I did some research. I found some new design ideas. I won't completely redo my project but i might tweak it a little so that it will be more comfortable. I will add another armrest instead of just the one.

Entry #16

Today, I will see if I can test off my chair. If I cannot test it off today I will still test to see how much weight it can hold and see how far I can lean back.

So its almost done now. My chair is coming along. It can hold 88lbs for at least 6 minutes and 7 seconds. I think that it will last the whole test. I started to glue everything together and make it movable.

Entry #17

Today, I worked on making my chair fit the required measurements. The chair now is ready to test. Now that it is done and ready to test, I only have to do a little bit of work.

Entry #18
Did It Work?

Today, I tested it. It works.I am currently sitting in my chair typing this. So far it has been 6 minutes. the backrest is pretty sturdy and works very well. I love this chair now, I used to have very strong feelings about this project and my disliking of it. This chair is fascinating and inspirational. I think that the under support helped a lot in this case

If I can build a chair that holds at least 85 pounds, for 12 minutes, who knows what you can do. This project has helped me see that, success isn't  given to you, it's earned.

Entry #19

I am glad that I did this project. Even though that through out the project I wanted to quit many times I stuck with it and finished. It was a very hard, but I am happy that I finished and that it worked. The end result was more than I could have hoped for. The estimated amount of weight capacity was more than expected, almost 130 pounds. This project was a good choice for me.

I am glad that I chose this project because it taught me that you have to work for some things more than others, and for this one, you had to work hard. You have to know what to do if something goes wrong, and that is key to living. You know how to fix problems before or after they happen. If I were to go into building I wouldn't be in the chair business. I wish that I would have planned out this project more than I did. I have learned a lot from this project, and I am glad.

I think that I will keep this to be more of a hobby, rather than a job. I took a lot of hard work and effort. I didn't expect to like this project in the end, but I am glad. I think that having it just be a hobby will be better for me, because I have always wanted to be a veterinarian, and I think it would be extremely hard to do both.

This project has helped me see that you need to put in more effort for things that are better. I now can say that I have built a chair, and most people haven't. I am glad that I picked this project, especially because I craved a challenge. Sometimes, even if you don't know it, you crave and seek a challenge, and I did without knowing it.

I don't think that I will continue to pursue this particular job, of building cardboard chairs, but I might start to build things. I have also wanted to become an entrepreneur, so that incorporates building.

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2 years ago

Your making great progress!! You are a hard worker, and I bet you will get the chair to work perfectly! You will learn many new things about this project. Also by the end of this project I bet you will decide if you want to build different things when you get older. I can't wait to see the final project and what it looks like when it is done!!!

2 years ago


2 years ago

Great planning. Can you build one for me now?

2 years ago

Problebly not, sorry!😉

2 years ago

i thought yours was very creative and very cool good job