Safeguard your Car with these Extra Covers

Car insurance is supposedly the best instrument available in the market to safeguard your vehicle. It will offer safeguard against any kind of unfortunate events that can cause damage to your vehicle. They will act as a financial cushion to pay off for the repairs carried after event such as accident.

Generally, auto insurance will pay off for the damages due to collision with another vehicle, or on account of natural disasters such as storm, flood, earthquakes, or man-made calamities. However, at times, the interiors of the car might get damaged. Moreover, the passengers within it might get hurt. Now who will cover their losses?

Understanding the need to safeguard car owners from additional damages, insurers launched riders or add-on covers with their general car insurance policy. This extra cover is available for a small amount of additional premium. Here are some of the covers to be listed below:

1. Personal Accident Cover:

To safeguard the passengers from any kind of expenses incurred to treat injuries after accident, companies offer personal accident cover. Upto Rs. 2 lac of cover is extended under this rider.

2. NCB protector

NCB is available only if a claim is not filed in the previous year. With NCB protection rider, NCB is available, irrespective of filing a claim. This will ensure premium discounting in the coming year.

3. Legal Liability Cover

Accidents are deadly and cause third-party damages in most of the cases. At such times, car owners often have to face legal charges and pay compensation for damages. With legal liability cover, such kind of additional expenses are covered, thus safeguarding your wallet from the brunt of extra spending.

4. Electrical equipment cover

In event of natural disasters like flood, cars are known to get submerged in water. Water being a good conductor of electricity often causes failure of electrical parts, accessories, and equipment. This cover will reimburse such losses which are not covered under the standard policy.