A Story About My Life.

Adam Gordon

My name is Adam Gordon and I born in Pasadena, California. Although I wasn't there for the majority of my life because My mom and I moved to Las Vegas. We have been there ever since. We Moved here when I was 10 If I'm not mistaken. We have been here ever since and its been a blur. I barely remember what I did 5 years ago, I barely remember what I did 5 days ago. Anyways, life for me was easy, I never got in trouble with my mom or teachers. I wasn't the best student but I wasn't the worst. Through the year of ten and Eighteen have been a blur. My mom will tell me things that I didn't even know that I did. She would tell me things that I did years ago and I'm like I did that well I guess I did that. It was like someone put on fast forward from fifth grade to now. People remember how I was Before more than I do. Through those years you change the way you dress and the way you interact with people, your interests, pretty much everything.  When I was 8th grade I listen to rap and thats about it. I listen to lil wayne and other rappers then. Now I listen to people with actual talent and will leave it at that. In my life It never felt like I had a purpose, it just felt like I was going to become a working slave like everyone else, like a mindless zombie that follows the cool and popular. Somewhere down the line something broke the cycle and that was Me coming to god and realizing that I do have a purpose. I also am I church kid and what I mean by that is that I grew up into the church. I heard the whole your sin would lead you to hell and that you need to repent from your sin. I heard that for the majority of my life. I never believed it until I came to god and asked him, God give me a purpose, Give me something to live for. This may sound crazy but he told me to just be me and be the best me that I can be. Don't sin and live with peace and happiness.  Thats exactly what I am trying to do. Of course as humans we are born with sin but that doesn't mean that we can't overcome it. Its just battle that we have to face but anyway  thats the story about me.

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