Emerald Monopoly

By Kimona Barnaby and Brianna Friend

The reason why

The reason why we chose the image is because it stands for the color of money, emerald (stands for emerald city) and its a monopoly building the monopoly building is significant because of the robber barons and how they created monapolies.

1.Cynics and critics (Icon For Hire)

Cynics and critics relate to populist the most. They believed the economic policy favored the eastern business. Cynics and critics relate to populist the most.Cynics(populist) are people who believed that people only do things for their cause and don't think about others.

2.Can’t Hold Us (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)

This song has a line that say, "keep fighting till its over." This song is a great example to be in the eyes of the farmers for the Farmers alliance. Because they faught against the inflation. They disnt want inflation due to the fact that inflation means they would sell less crop. Not selling crop is bad because the farmers would have a huge surplus in their inventory.

3.Oh my (drones)

This song relates to the crime of '73 because it stalks about how money is the root to all evil and how no one is happy untill someone is hurt. Money causes a lot of problems. Children had to work all day and sometimes night. Parents had to get multiple job to help their families.

4.Fear Not The Revolution (Dead Prez)

This song in summery is saying how the government is a scam because they dont help. They dont help with the problems of poverty which was caused by foreclosure. Forclosure was a huge threat to that time. It made life hard due to hight tariffs.

5.Paradise (Coldplay)

Due to the coses of inflation. The farmers , the ones who disagrees with the idea of inflation tried to look for a better tomorrow. They dreamed of a better tomorrow. A day when they could not workas hard and spend time with their families. But then again when would they ever see them because they are farmers they farm and farming is their life. The difference is that they would be happy doing so and providing for the people.

6.Its A Hard Knock Life (Jay Z)

In perspective of the lower class workers. The ones in the factories. The industrial feudalism; which cause families to bust their buts trying to make maney for the families so much. That their incomes were not enough and children were forced to work. There was a time every child must work. There was NO such thing as child labor laws. The children pretty much lived in the work place wether it was the coal mine or in a factory


7.Halies Song (Eminem)

This song describes how people did what ever they could to make a living for their families and how it hurt the income providers. But in the end when justice was served they were happy once again. The families worked hard to provide. They had to work more because of the high protective tariffs. And when the tariffs were lifted; the weight of responsibility was lifted.

8.Breakthrough (Lemonade Mouth)

This song reminds me of the Wizard of Oz in the scene when Dorothy, Tin man, the Lion and the scarecrow were in the Oz's room; when they were asking for favors from the great and powerful Oz. Breakthrough reminds be of this scene because no matter how rude the Oz is they are pushing him to get what they want for example a heart, to go home, a brain or for courage.

10. Determinate (Lemonade Mouth)

This song relates to the lower class people of how they had to deal with the big monopolie, robber barons and the creditors. Because the robber barons were stealing the peoples money and the creditors made the lower class debtors and owe plenty of debt to the higher class. Because of owing debt the lower class had to either get more jobs or had to face foreclosure. It was hard to accept but it was the truth. But the lower class fought through the fight and they were determined to fight the battle. To win against the Robber barons and not be the creditors and debtors.

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