By: Jemon Levi Jr.

Chelmno was made because hitler needed a way to push the Jews. If the Jews were caught they would be sentence to the killing centers. The officers would drive around in vans and left the exhaustion's pipes flow  into the back where the Jews were. The camps was closed for health reasons.

10 facts:he first killing center

Made to get rid of jews

Was a mass killing center

They drove around in vans with jews in the back

Hermann Göring instructed Reinhard Heydrich to make a plan for the "final solution of the Jewish question"

The german police officers sentenced them to the killing centers if the jews were hiding

When the jews got to Germany the were not heard of anymore

After deportation trains arrived at the killing centers, guards ordered the deportees to get out and form a line

The victims then went through a selection process

A Nazi, usually an SS physician, looked quickly at each person to decide if he or she was healthy and strong enough for forced labor


1941- first killing operation

1941-1944- the Germans killed 152,000 people

1942-the police began deportations from the Lodz ghetto

1942-police authorities deported Jews

1943-the camps was taken down

1944-the Nazis destroyed chlmno

1945-the Germans abandoned the killing center

1945- Nazis murdered 45 of the last 48 Jewish prisoners


jutta Szmirgeld:father,died before the war began

jutta,hard:working girl

grandmother:got taken away


henryk:married to jutta

Why is it important  for people to know about my topic? Its important because people should remember how people caught holocaust!

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