Parts Of A River



The piece of land in the middle of the river,so the water is under the land.

Floodplain: A flat or wide part of land along a river.


The water system starts at the top and is going into the ocean.

Watershed: Area of high water going into low water.


There is a little lake and the water is flowing into a river.

Source: Where the water begins.


The river is going into the ocean (delta).

Delta: Sediments in rivers that exit into an ocean or river.

Great Basin

You could see that there is no rivers around the Great Basin.

Great Basin: Watershed, where water doesn't flow into the ocean.


The mountain ranges are separating water that goes into the la

Divide: Mountain ranges, and valley's are used to divide water. Something that divides the water into different rivers.


The water is coming down extremely fast.

Headwater: Extreme upper reaches of a stream.


The headwaters is flowing into the floodplains.

Downriver: Between headwaters and floodplains.


Rivers are all in the mainstream.

Tributary: A stream or river which flows into a mainstream.

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