Cyber Security Assignment

P.6 - Gregory Kim

     Cyber security is pretty self-explanatory. It's essentially protecting information from being accessed. Cyber security is used to counter the works done by hackers.

     A cyber security professional is what a police officer is to the collective term, the "police". These people detect any threats and respond to them immediately to minimize damage done by hackers.

      The reason you need to be a gadget addict to be a cyber security professional is because you pretty much work with gadgets everyday. Also, solving problems is necessary because cyber hackers always will find new ways to hack so cyber security professionals need to constantly make new defenses. Cyber security professionals also need to enjoy saving the day because they go up against hackers(bad guys) every day. They also need to have a wild and diverse imagination because as mentioned earlier, hackers are always coming up with new ways to hack which prompts them to come up with new defenses. They need to be good listeners because they need to cooperate with their colleagues so that they work as a team against hackers. Multitasking also needs to come naturally because they need to be prepared to do a variety of things when a cyber attack comes. They need to pay attention to details because they can't afford to make mistakes on such a job.

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