6 Traits of Writing

by N.Troutner
Word Choice
Sentence Fluency


Idea is...

An idea is something in the beginning waiting to fully form, when you have an idea, you must improve it so it is perfect.


Organization is...

Organization is having (if you do) a time sequence in order. You must engage the reader the opening and the conclusion (and don't forget the middle.


Voice is.....

Voice is the way you speak in front of a certain audience. If you were talking about something serious, you might be like the person in the picture below.


Word choice is...

word choice is choosing word that are not over used. You could also use synonyms for words that are over used for example, said


Sentence fluency is...

Sentence fluency is having varied length of your sentences. Make the wording to where it sounds natural yet make it the words have a nice flow like in the picture below. You should also have creative phrasing.


Conventions are...

They are the mechanics of writing. You  must have correct grammar, spelling, paragraphing, and punctuation.

Now that you know how to write, go and make an awesome story!

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