Ancient Mesopotamia

"Land Between Two Rivers"

they did not always live in Mesopotamia. They were walking and following animals for meat and some hide for clothes. Bones for tools and they found the fertile crescent. They found out how to plant and they lived in the a boomerang shape and it was called the Fertile Crescent. Mesopotamia mean "land between two rivers."

In Mesopotamia the Acient Sumerians were the first people to make the written language. They called that the cuneiform writing. Written language helped them remember what they have or gotten in the past. They learned from teachers that knew how to writ.     

The farmers lived in these kinds of houses. Closer to the entrench so they can get to the fields faster to plant crops for food. The priest lived in three story buildings. They lived near the Ziggurat to see the king and pray with him. The slaves lived near the gate to rake the fields to plant crops.

they worshiped 7 gods. They were:air,wind ,salt water ,fresh water,sun, moon,earth. But they think the god that was protecting them was wind. the bull god was really powerful. Each time it took a breath a big hole on earth was made.

They used this temple for praying. at the top of the temple they only aloud the priest. They had stuff with them like money or food or skin ext.the people left the stuff up there for the gods. they left it and the priests sorted it out and handed it out again. the god lives at the top of the temple.

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