Blake Reynolds S & E Marketing Final

Universal Orlando Amusement Park

There home page off there website is very standard. It is fairly easy to use and pretty simple. What sets Universal Studios Orlando different from other parks is the fact that have a Harry Potter section of the park. Other parks do not specifically have a whole section of there park dedicated to one character/movie. There pricing is fairly standard as well. The low hotel cost is about 100$ and the high price is 169$. This strategy more then likely works because its not too bad. They have some sales promotions on the front page but not very many.

Top 3 Marketing Strategies for Movies

There are many types of strategies that companies use to promote there movie, but i believe that trailers, posters and merchandise. A movie trailer lets the audience or anyone see a few scenes from the movie. this is usually where people decide whether they want to see it or not. that is why it is number one in movie promotion. the next one is movie posters. These posters might change your mind about the movie. they let you see part of the cast, usually the famous people, and they can also give you a decent idea what the movie is about. these posters must grab your attention because you can see a lot pictures on the internet that mean nothing. the internet is starting to take place of posters but not quite completely yet. the next strategy is a big one especially for movies targeting the younger audience and that is merchandise. When kids see a movie they really like they want to play with the toys of the movie. when one family has a whole set of toys from a movie they are promoting the movie because kids have friends and those friends want the same toys and so on. there is two types of merchandise, indirect and direct. direct would be the actual toy and indirect would be for example household items that have certain characters on them.

Changes in the way TV is delivered

TV is already being delivered by mobile electronic devices on the daily. Every year the amount of people that watch tv on mobile devises will go up and the amount of people that actually watch it at home will go down. one way the companies can use this to there advantage is to go mobile. what i mean by this is that almost all of the advertising is on those portable devices. More advertising on games and other apps that are popular while putting advertisements during shows. one of the other big problems is DVR. People can now record shows and skip commercials. Commercials are the way networks make money. the best way solve this it to make a big deal about the live show time and how it is important to watch it then. another way is to simply not make the show available on the internet right away and when it is available make the viewers watch the commercials while watching online or through the cable companies on demand.

Admission pricing

There are many advantages and disadvantages to changing the price of admissions daily and seasonal. When they lower the price from one day to another it is usually due to the fact that people are not going. the beginning of the week is going to be the slow times. The disadvantages of lowering your price is always going to be your not making as much income as you normally would be. An advantage to lowering your price would be getting more people to come to the park when normally you would not have that much business. Changing your seasonal pricing is the big decisions to make. If you decide you to lower your price during warmer weather more people might go that would have been willing to pay the higher price, but if you raise the price people might not go to your amusement park. If you decide to raise it during warmer weather people might still pay the higher price. The best way I think amusement parks can do it is to find a happy middle that people will pay to go when it is warm and then a winter pricing that is lower but not too low that they would be loosing money.

3 marketing strategies that are general for all entertainment

Marketing for entertainment events is very hard because it has a short lifespan and for certain events people go once and that's it. the most important thing contributing to the success of marketing for entertainment is the quality of the product. if you have a great quality product you will do great. i believe that the number one marketing strategy for today's society is social media. i say that because everyone is connected somehow, whether that is on Facebook, twitter(etc) or it is from texting your friend or surfing the web. when your 75 year old grandparents have smart phones and Facebook accounts you know times are changing. the next marketing strategy would be commercials on TV. There is an estemated 115.6 million houses with TV's in them and that number is only rising.

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