History: The first polyester fiber was created by Whinfield and Dickson with Birtwhistle and Ritchiethey. It was first manufactured by Imerial Chemical Industries or ICI. It was first introduced to America in 1951.

Produced: 4 basic forms of filaments; filament, staple, tow, and fiberfill

Where it is produced: North America, Europe and Asia

Uses: It is often used in outwear because of its high tenacity and durability. Other uses are bedspreads, sheets, pillows, furniture, carpets and even curtains. The most common use of polyester today is to make the plastic bottles that store our much beloved beverages.

Properties/characteristics: polyester is resistance to water, light, and weather. It is also very lightweight. It's fibers can blend with natural fibers well. it has good moisture transport and dries quickly.

Maintenance: Most can be machine washed and dried. Use warm water and add fabric softener to the final rinse cycle. Most items can be dry cleaned. Refer to garment's sew-in care label.

Environmental concerns as a result of production: It creates nitrous oxide a green gas 310 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

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