Co2 Car

Define the Problem

Design a Co2 car that minimizes drag and friction and goes faster than any other one in the class.


Research and Generate Ideas

Notes: The most common type of power for land vehicles is the internal combustion engine. Suspension connects the vehicle to the environment. For cars, it helps keep the rubber on the road. Suspension systems use control arms attached to the frame to allow wheels to move up and down. The vehicle's chassis provides the structure that joins together the power, suspension, guidance and control subsystems.

The chassis is designed to hold all of these subsystems while overcoming forces that could cause failure. Some of these forces include:

  1. Weight of the engine, suspension, people and cargo.
  2. Torsion or twisting forces created by the engine and drive train.
  3. Compression, tension, shear and torsion forces created by driving and road conditions (i.e. acceleration, deceleration, turns, bumps, potholes, etc.)
  4. Impact from accidents that could injure passengers.

The support subsystem is not part of a land transportation vehicle. Rather it is the components that provide the energy and infrastructure that keep vehicles operating.

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Identifying criteria and specifying constraints

Exploring possibilities

I need to make the car as light as possible. I also need to make my design to reduce drag. To do this I will need to make soft edges and a slender design.

Selecting an Approach

Developing a Design Proposal

Testing and Evaluating the Design, using specifications

I raced other cars to help see what I needed to change.

Refining the Design

If i could find more ways to reduce drag that would be my best bet. To do that i need to keep changing the shape of my car and trying to make the edges as soft as possible.

Creating or Making It

I would need to find a way to mass produce each car with them being the exact same. I would also need to find the most efficient and cost effective way to produce them.

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