The time I was terrified was when one summer I went over to my cousin's house in Minneapolis and we were having a bonfire eating snacks outside. It was like 8 something pm. We thought why not go to the nearby park and we did. It was my cousin and aunt and brothers, sisters. We were walking to the park and halfway there two boys followed us. I think they're brothers. One looks like my age and one is probably like 5-7 years old. They look like people who doesn't live around this gettho neighborhood. They were the boys my cousin and I saw earlier in the morning playing in the streets and we were thinking about approaching them because we kept seeing them past by my cousin's house, my cousin asked if they were lost and the older brother said no. So, we kept walking, past the street to the park and we look back they kept following us but they pretend like they're not following us. So we got to the playground we played for awhile, they were playing on the playground too. Then we thought why don't we act like we're going home and see if they will follow us and so as we walk past the street again, walking home they followed us again. We all got a little scared because they kept following us and my cousin kept saying maybe they're not humans, she's crazy about superstitious. So we all pretended to walk slow and the boys crossed to the other streets and they walked ahead of us so then we got home but we hang by the garage watching the two boys and as we watched them they turned to their left and they disappeared into the shadow. The next morning my cousin and I went outside to just check if they were around my cousin's neighborhood and they weren't. It was a scary night because of my cousin saying all these superstitious things and the boys following us then disappearing and not appearing anywhere in the morning or maybe they found their way home, we never know.