Dorothy Hamill
Aly Brown

Dorothy Hamill

     My biography report is about Dorothy Hamill and her skating career. The teacher chose this person for me because I could not make up my mind. My other reason for choosing this person is that I love skaters and the tricks they do. I’m glad that my teacher chose Dorothy Hamill because I have always admired her!

      Dorothy Hamill was born on July 26, 1956, in Chicago. She learned how to skate on her grandma and grandpa’s pond. She begged her mom and dad for someone to train her to skate backwards when she was a child. She learned how to skate when she was young.

      Dorothy Hamill did not go to college. She decided that she would go to skating school in 1970. She went to high school then she went to skating school. She loved skating.

    Hamill's job was to skate. In 1976 she won a gold medal at the Olympics in Austria. She later won the world championship in Sweden. Everybody loved to watch her skate. She did Broadway on Ice.


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