Fun with integers
By:Tammie LaSerre and Kennedy Moody


To add with + and - integers you have to change it to subtraction and use the same signs if they are different. to subtract positive and negative integers you have to do Keep, Change,Change; that is when you Keep the first + or - integer, then change what ever operation you are using, finally you change your last + or - integer. to multiply + or - integers you have to just multiply like you usually do. to get the sign you have to figure out if there is an even amount of +'s or -'s, or and odd amount of +'s or -'s. to divide you do the same thing you did for multiplying, you just divide and get the quotient.

Kennedy and Tammie were going to buy candy for $6, but they were in debt -$9. the store clerk told them that they did not have enough money to buy the candy. they then took out a $10 bill and asked if they had enough money, he said no. How much money will the have to have to get the candy? Explain.

-33 x 73= -2,409

-15 - 6= -9