SMASH!!!!.....Thinglink and Tackk

Thinglink has been one of my favorite apps for quite some time.  Now, I am smashing Thinglink with Tackk to make a beautiful presentation of some of my Thinglink creations.

This is the first Thinglink I made.  After a trip with my son to gather information for his thesis on Walker Percy I used that as my topic.  Hover over the image and check out those hotspots!

Thinglink can become addictive.  Here is one I made to promote Thinglink to 3rd grade teachers in our district.

Remember to hover and check out the hotspots!

Book promotions are a great use for Thinglink.  In this one two companion books by author Patricia Reilly Giff are placed side-by-side for maximum impact.

Last...but certainly not of my favorite Thinglinks was about the Dust Bowl.

It has so many types of media embedded. It even features question for reflection!

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