How to Fundraise for Charity?

Child Rights and You (CRY) is an international non-profit organization with the goal of providing equality for children in all fields of life. CRY ensures complete development of less fortunate children in order to make the most of their innate skills and talents. For this benevolent purpose, CRY takes help from the general public to collect funds, mainly in the form of charity. Given below are a few ways to fundraise for charity:

- Pick a cause

This is the first step to donating money. Before you donate to charity, you must choose one. Take into consideration something that you would like to change in this world, and something that you would fight for if you could. It could be anything from Cancer awareness to protecting child rights and improving the lives of the differently abled.

- Start a campaign

To promote the cause, it is essential to start an online campaign as it has maximum reach and can be made dynamic. It should be a light campaign, so as to maximize viewership on mobile and tablet devices as well. It should be informative, as well as interactive to promote donations.

- Sell items or hold auctions

A few items can be given to the donors as a token of appreciation in exchange for their generosity. It could be anything from household items to small stationary items like pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. It will be kept as a memento.

- Start a donation website

To make fundraising easy, one should start a website dedicated to charity. It should have all the possible methods to transfer money, whether it is by card, cash or kind. It should have all the details about the organization, along with what it proposes to use the funds for. A database of emails can be created for any further communication.

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