Examining the Convenience of Renting Furniture in Temporary Housing Situations

Here's the scenario. You're a junior college student who's anxious to escape the dorm scene and move up to apartment living. Unfortunately, you're working part-time at a local diner so to say money is tight would be a huge understatement. So how do you support your furnishing needs? Hopefully you give some thought to renting.

Contrary to popular belief, furniture rental can be a very cost effective alternative to buying, especially in short-term situations. This is for a couple of reasons. For starters, the payment structure caters to consumers with tight pockets. So the student in our example scenario can lease a bed, sofa, dining room table, and refrigerator by agreeing to make small monthly payments. This way, you can satisfy immediate needs and obtain items you wouldn't ordinarly be able to afford through traditional retail transactions.

Unrivaled convenience is another perk furniture rental brings to the table. The typical store waves all credit requirements, so interns with poor credit or students who have yet to establish any credit are easily approved. Convenience perks are further reaped from the addition of services such as delivery, setup, and repairs, which are covered in the agreed payments and thus included free in most rental arrangements. When you're done with the furniture in six months to a year, the store will even send out a driver to pick them up at no extra costs.

From Short-term Fixes to Long-term Solutions

Not all living spaces come equipped with furnishings, and those that do typically command a much higher monthly rate. By opting to rent, you're far more likely to be able to afford both the place and furnishings you need to live comfortably. The convenience and flexibility of this method has fueled a billion dollar industry that does big business from the U.S. to Canada and beyond. One could argue that the short-term benefits are obvious, but plenty of people have discovered that it can be a viable long-term solution in rent to own scenarios.

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