Example Historical Persona Project:

This is an example of the Tackk page you'll create for your historical persona project.

Notes and Recommendations:

  • Picture of your historical figure.
  • Separate the three parts of your project with headings (see below!)
  • Use color and font creatively to reflect your historical figure's personality!
Hey, look, it's me!

I: Research Questionnaire

  • Put your questions and answers to your research questionnaire here.
  • Remember: You are writing as your historical figure, not yourself!

II: Characterization Artifact

  • Put the text and/or image for your characterization artifact here.
  • This is where either your "Fakebook" or collage should go.

From Polyvore user lunagoddess, retrieved 11/14/14

III: Creative Writing

Type / copy-paste your creative writing piece here. This is where your diary entry or talk show interview should go.

Extra Credit Opportunity!

Remember you can get 5 points extra credit for recording your diary entry/talk show interview acting in the voice of your historical persona! If you choose to do this, you should add your audio here too. Instructions below:

  1. Record with Audacity, File->Export to an MP3 file.
  2. Upload your MP3 file to SoundCloud. (You'll need to create an account on SoundCloud for this; you can sign up with an email, Facebook, or Google account.)
  3. Get the SoundCloud link to your MP3.
  4. Back on your Tackk page, hit the Audio button (shaped like a music note), and paste your SoundCloud link.
  5. Let me know if you need assistance!