The Woman in The Snow

I think this book is going to be about black and white peoples trying to live together and riding on bus like Rosa Parks.

Grady says when he get on the bus he have since he's the son of the tow drunk  Grady was hurrying up to take the bus to the garage for the day then he saw a 20 year old girl with a baby in her hand going to the hospital and she didn't have any money to pay for the bus so Grady said she can't ride the bus so he lift her on the road and said go home the baby will be better in the morning

I think Grady don't like black peoples because he's white. I think Grady conscientious was hitting him for living the girl in the snow

The black express .Grady didn't care who knew about his nickname for the route(257)

That gal should have done like I told her and gone on home, he said turning to the comics (260)

It ain't the same woman,dummy.You know how they all look alike!(262)

Alabama,one day Mrs. Rosa Parks refused to give up a seat she'd paid for just because she was a colored woman.