The ideas of unalienable rights

Unalienable  right are the rights that all humans have and the aren't allowed to be taken away from you or given away. Government by consent is that the people on that government have a right in what happen with the government such as voting.

Consent of the governed

We need consent of the governed because  people need to have  a right as in to what happens in there government if we did not get to vote it could lead to bad things such as retaliation if we didn't like the  law or what was happening.

Who is responsible for our unalienable rights?

The government is responsible for guaranteeing and protecting our unalienable rights.

Are they still true?

I think that it is and is not true we have a say in some things that happen but not always there are some things that we don't have a say in, but we get to vote for things such as president, and things like that.

Do they matter to me?

I don't think they really matter to me right now because i am not old enough to vote or anything but i think when i am old enough it will play a big part in my life and as in if they matter or not.

historical documents

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