Excellent PCCTI Reviews State The Success Story Of The Institute

PCCTI Healthcare is a well known nursing institute located in the State of Illinois. It has received approval from different departments within the State of Illinois and the US Department of Education as well. In addition to this, the institute has also been accredited by the ACICS. People can enroll in the LPN program, CNA, and Medical Assistant Programs at very affordable fee structures. This is one of the famous nursing colleges that offer more learning hours as compared to any other institutes. Flexible timings, advanced classrooms, fully equipped laboratories, and learner centric approach has helped students to attain their educational goals. All these things have brought positive PCCTI reviews from the students end.

LPN is the most preferred program of the institute. This is the Licensed Practical Nursing Program that prepares students to provide professional and unsurpassed routine bedside care. In addition to performing custom laboratory tests, collecting samples for testing, recording fluid and food intake and output, and feeding patients, the nurses also assist them with personal hygiene, dressing, and bathing. The experienced and licensed practical nurses might administer nursing aides and assistants.

Other works of LPNs include evaluating the requirements of the residents, supervising the care provided by the nursing aides, and developing care plans. Some of the practical nurses who work in private homes might teach simple nursing tasks to the family members and prepare meals for them as well. The majority of the nurses work for 40 hours in a week, but the patients need care for whole the time, thus, they have to work during nights, weekends, and holidays too.

Some PCCTI reviews also signify that the students like the introduction of advanced technology in the classroom that helps to make the teaching learning an easy and effective process. Clicker technology and computer stations have been incorporated in these rooms and every student is provided with a personal clicker, which he or she can use during question answer sessions. This method has motivated students to participate actively in the classroom activities. It has also helped teachers to make teaching a fun, interactive, easy, and a more informative practice.

PCCTI Healthcare has set high standards that learners have to qualify in order to pass a program. They have to attain “B” grade, and if they fail to obtain this grade a second chance is provided to them. For more information about the institute, visit http://pccti.com

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