Blue Ridge Mountains

By: TylerandCole

This is were the Blue Ridge Mountain region is located in Georgia. This was the region that sited the first gold rush in 1828.  It borders North Carolina and South Carolina.

This region has the highest point in Georgia (Brasstown Bald 4784ft). The biggest industry is mining. The main physical feature in the blue ridge region is the Appalachian  Mountains. These Mountains stretch all the way to Maine. This feature is popular in all the states it stretches through.

This region is also great for tourism because it is a popular feature in this region.

In this region agriculture isn't such as big in this region as it is in the Coastal Plains.

The most important city in this region is Dalton it is the biggest carpet industry in this state. This region has the most rainfall out of the 5 regions. It contains the southernmost of the Appalachian Mountains. This region has the biggest mountain region it is known for a really big tourist is Northeastern.

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