Exploration: Why to choose me.

Hello, I am Ashley Hagan. I want to travel to the new world, North America.

If you choose me to explore, I will make you rich.

Here is what I'll need to make this possible:

  • 50 Men to help me
  • Food for the crew
  • Water for the crew
  • Clothes
  • 5 Ships
  • 10 Canoes

I will leave in 1598.

I will find:

-large quantities of gold and silver.

-new, flavorful, foods and spices that you have never seen before.

Who knows what is out there?

I will also explore the Pacific Northwest. No other explorers went there.

What if there is gold and silver, free resources, and new foods we have never tried before?

Maybe there are exotic, flavorful spices.

If you send me, I will find these and more.

We could colonize and become wealthy.

Who else wants to explore?

  • Spain and France are competition.
  • They want land and territory, gold  and silver, and raw materials such as wood.

One problem: There will be dangers!!

No worries, I can take care of that!

  • There may be hostile Native Americans over there. Some of the men you'll send will be warriors.
  • I'll befriend helpful the helpful Native Americans to help us grow crops, find shelter, and help us take care of our needs.
  • I'll take a crew of men to help steer our ships through rough waters.

Please, Queen Elizabeth I of England, will you favor me and fund my expedition to the new world?

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