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a week ago I was getting ready for our weekend trip in Arizona to celebrate DAD'S 60th birthday! It was great!! He was really shocked and excited. My brother Steve called him Friday morning and told him that he wanted to take him out at 3pm for his bday at a Western Style restaurant and that he had to dress up in his usual western wear! So, he did! he showed up at 3pm at Steve's house and SURPRISE!!! My brother and his family from Texas , my husband and I and the rest of our Arizona family were there to celebrate !Dad was shocked and kept on mentioning how happy he was throughout the party...Literally he turned red and was nervous he didn't really know how to react when he saw all of us. One thing I'll never forget is hear him say" oh my GOD, I don't know what to do? how happy I feel!! Like if I want to cry? oh no, I don't know!  thank you ,Mija! :)--happiness is seeing others happy too :)-vero

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