Liam Jarvis 8H class photography and digital editing

In this project i have learned what makes a good photo and how to add effects to the image by using pixlr to add effects, change the colour and much much more. Some things I have learned are the rule of third which is spiting the image into thirds. I also learned about fill the frame, pattern and unusual points of view.  

I chose this photo because it shows a sport team in the NFL grouping together either before a game, in the middle of the game or at the end of the game.

I added the word hope to this image to show how the team has a hope winning if they work as a team.

This photo I chose because it shows eight people holding the word teamwork because we all know together we achieve more.

I added some flowers as a border to enhance the image. I also made the image more blurry to show no made what working as a team is better.

This photo i chose because it shows a AFL team grouping together in a match I also chose this image because you have to work well as a team to win a game.

I made the image darker to show how team work shines even in the dark's of times. I add a border to show how royal it can be to be in a team.

I chose this photo because it shows a group of around 20 people working to together to move  in the water.

I added a effect to enhance the image by adding pattern i also chose this to show how hard some things can be.

I really enjoyed this project.

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