• How could the Earth explode? •

Created by: Caden Hansen

Hypothesis: Yes if a nuclear explosion was capable of coming from the core and out.

     While some planets have boiling hot cores it isn't enough to explode the planet. Planets are stable and exploding would require some chemical or nuclear process which could provide an explosive punch of energy.

     For example, to detonate Earth, a ball of uranium with a diameter of three miles from the core would be needed.It is impossible to kick-start a fusion at a planet's core. Of course, destroying its structure against its own gravity would be difficult since its interior is full of neutrons which would stop fission.Plus,the natural process alone would not be able to make a ball of uranium.

      Uranium is is very heavy and which can be used for very concentrated energy. Uranium is important to a nuclear explosion because of it's ability of fission. Or split into two lighter pieces. Only uranium can sustain a chain reaction- which fission triggers a reaction.

      It would take 183 nukes to destroy the top layer of the USA. The world only had 17,300 nukes in its possession. It would take 9.962333 million nukes to destroy the top layer of earth.