Exploration Proposal

By Victoria Davis

Hi, I am Franciso Vazquez De Coronado and I wish to be funded by you, Charles V, the King of Spain. Although, I am unknown to you, I wish to propose what I would do if you fund me for my voyage. My plan is to find a route from Mexico through parts of Southwestern New World. I also wish to claim the land.

Also, listen to the piece of music, while you are reading.

I hope to find the unknown, but mythical Seven Cities Of Gold. I wish to further explore theses claims. Although, I might not find it, but I also hope to find the littlest bit of gold and/or silver. I also, will try to bring some gold and silver back to Spain.  

I will also try to find a route from Mexico to a few thousand square miles above Mexico. Also, I hope to claim this land. I will also to find many other routes to explore. If I come to any other people, I will try to make a deal with them, so we get both sides. If it is their route, I will have to find another route with a few less resources.

After this, I will return to my duties as governor of Nueva Galicia. But although, I hope you fund me for my voyage to discover the New World.

I hope you fund my voyage!

- Francisco Vasquez De Coronado

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