Funds for The New World

     Your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, I have come to ask for your sponsorship of my voyage to the New World on this fateful day in 1559. You need not doubt my liability as I was born and have been living in England.

    France and Spain have discovered the glory of colonizing parts of the New World. We must do that as well. The New World holds many new opportunities for power, wealth, and natural resources. If we pass up colonization, the French and Spain will grow in size, power, and become stronger than us. We are getting crowded in England, so we must get more territory. I am looking for land to claim, as are you. If you fund me, I will claim land and the precious resources along with it for England.

    I will be traveling to the East Coast of the New World, as it will be closer to this noble land of ours. Therefore, I will require less supplies. I can also return with riches earlier. Other explorers are looking for gold. Supposedly, they heard natives talking about cities of gold and ran off to find it. Being in the middle of barren land, of course they fail and are never heard from again. I am smarter than that. I will not go off after some tale a native depicts. I will go with only one goal in mind, to claim land for England. When I have done so, I will return back to Your Excellency, and report my progress. Looking for fairy tale lands will come afterwards.

     In case the Spanish and French arrive, I will be armed to get rid of them and be on my quest. If I encounter Natives, I will try to be peaceful with them. If they are impossible, I will have no choice but to use force, which I will not be scared to do. In 1492, we saw that the world is indeed round, and we will not fall off the face of this world.

    I request extra supplies in case the trip takes longer than usual, and you should expect me within a year. I am prepared to fight off pirates, and if there is a disease, I will leave for the safety of the crew.

    The area should also be livable is we want to start a colony. I will experiment living there without any of our supplies to see that if a ship carrying supplies is sunk in a storm, then the settlers will be able to hold out. As you can see, I have everything planned out in mind. The only thing I need is a sponsor, which I hope with be Your Highness.

Shreya Rajkumar Humanities Period 1 10/31/2014

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